Place Des Arts – مكان الفنون


Name: Place Des Arts

Location: 25 Oraby Street, off Portsaid Street, #Maadi

Tel: 02 23586670 Mobile: 01011111605



Sample Activities/Events :

  •  تعليم مباديء النجارة للأطفال
  • Art Universities Preparation with Shahira Kamal
  •  Drawing and painting for teens with artist May El Shamy
  • خط عربي- خط الرُّقعة Arabic Calligraphy
  • عرائس اوتوماتكية الحركة


Place Des Arts is an Art educational center in Maadi which provides and facilitates artistic, cultural, and educational workshops, classes and activities that foster Artistic growth and development.

With exceptional instructors, unique workshops with nationally and internationally known artists, and field expeditions, Place Des Arts is a gathering place for dynamic engagement with the arts; it inspires creative expression in people of all ages and fosters an environment for the arts to flourish.
Our mission is Change, Growth, and Innovation, to grow in strength and impact while preserving excellence.

The Center is divided into 3 sections, the educational section, a book store and a tasteful coffee shop.


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