camera & microphone cairo – كاميرا و ميكروفون القاهرة

Name: Camera & Microphone Cairo – كاميرا و ميكروفون

Cairo, Egypt


Mobile: 0227931134 – 01009525412 – 01220998330




Description: Camera and Microphone – Cairo

An idea developed by a group of friends with intense media backgrounds who shared a dream of establishing a reliable music network,

A network that included all the elements that assemble what is globally known as “Show Business”.

Featuring most local and visiting performers and including as many kinds of applied, visual and performing arts possible.

Targeted at the enrichment of the artistic scene in Egypt and assuring exposure to emerging artists.

A digital production incubator that aims to provide all artists – especially new talents – with:

  • technical support
  • space for both musical rehearsals
  • a studio/work space
  • dance studio (dance performances),
  • exhibition space,
  • film screening space
  • in addition to a wide variety of monthly updated workshops covering:

  • music

  • theater
  • acting
  • dancing
  • cinematography
  • painting
  • photography,
  • fashion
  • design

If you are an artist or an art fan you can always come and visit us, perhaps have a cup of coffee or a snack and read a book or listen to some good music.
Music Lessons & Instruction School · Dance Studio · Arts & Entertainment


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