Riham Adly

Riham Adly is a creative writing instructor and an emerging writer from Egypt with several short stories published in online lit magazines such as Page and Spine literary magazine, the 10 minutes novelist magazine, The Alexandrian, Paragraph Planet, Visual Verse and the HFC journal of arts and literature. Her short story “The Darker Side of the Moon” won the Makan Award in Egypt. She’s not someone who lets rejections discourage her, the more the merrier. Riham currently hosts her own book club “Rose’s Cairo book club” in Egypt to provide refuge for those few –but existing- bibliophiles


A list of her published work:
Here’s a link to her most recent article about Ancient Egypt. http://www.mcsimonwrites.com/amulets-scarabs-and-crystals/
She was recently a feature Writer in The HFC: A Journal of Art and Literature online magazine Issue 2. http://media.wix.com/…/02bab8_1dd0934c153d4f419607229a17742

And had a short story and a Poem contribution in Issue 3.
Her story “The Darker Side Of The Moon” won the MAKAN Award on 2013 and was published in an anthology by the same name. http://www.thealexanderian.com/the-darker-side-of-the-moon/ .
Her 75-word story “Touch me” recently appeared on www.paragraphplanet.commagazine.

Her short story “I wish” was published in the April issue of the 10 minutes Novelist magazine.
Subscribe here for free to get the magazine.
Here’s a direct link to her short story “I wish” previously published in the HFC: Journal of everything and now published in the “10 Minute Novelists” magazine.
Her short story “Pinkie” is published in Centum press’s anthology “One Thousand voices” Volume Two


My flash fiction story “Yellow” got published in Pages and Spine literary magazine
Her short story “Alexandria, the past and present” was also published in “The Alexandrian”
Her flash fiction “A room with a view” has been accepted in the upcoming issue of Page and Spine magazine.

Her Poem “Anonymous voice” has been accepted in “Into the sonorous” literary magazine and will appear in their next issue.
Her story “The ladder” has been accepted in Centum Press Anthology’s volume 3.
She’s passionate about poetry, metaphysics, crystals, chakra healing, classical music and baking but her deepest passion is reserved for the aesthetic side of history and everything antique or vintage.

Riham Adly has helped many of her students realize their dream of writing short stories and some have gone and got them published.

Riham is currently working on editing the final draft of her manuscript (novel) that will soon hit the market early 2018.

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